Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Snow 2008 - the remains

So we are getting closer to NS day (no snow day).

Here is what my yard looks like:

View of the veggie garden with receding glacier.

The front spiral garden popping out of the snow.

With so much snow, plants were actually growing under there. Crocus were in full bud, and there was enough insulation to keep this chinese cabbage overwintered:

2nd year chinese cabbage still alive under snow.

Parsley reliably overwinters here and will self-seed if you let it:

Luminescent in the morning sunshine: a crown of parsley

Thriving in the polytunnel thingy is self-seeded corn salad / mache:

Yum! Mache / corn salad

And finally tulips growing through gravel mulch to join the mass of bulbs full of promise if the local rodentia - bunnies and squirrels - don't behead them all.

Tulips will not be deterred by gravel mulch!


jodi said...

It's coming, for sure. I seem to remember, the 18 months we lived in Hawkesbury, ON in the 70s, a big freakish snowstorm in late April or early May. But you're right about the growth under the snow--with it finally gone from our yard, I was amazed at what was actually awake and growing. Nature knows best, for sure.

Amy said...

Amazing how quickly the snow is melting now that your weather is warming up - though I'm sure it doesn't feel fast :) Someone in Ottawa needs to make some "I survived winter 2008" t-shirts!

verobirdie said...

Amazing how plants can survive!
Looks like spring is reaching you at last.