Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The October Tomato and frost watch 2007 - end game

So it's October. Halloween, pumpkins, colourful leaves and frost... Right?

Well in the normally chilly north of Ottawa, strange things have been happening with the weather or should I say climate. At any rate, after a slow start to last winter where it didn't really snow until JANUARY!!!, they are predicting temps in the upper twenties (Celcius for you nonconformist Americans) this weekend.

I not only have one October tomato, but many, enough for sauce and salad. Not only that but the peppers are rebudding and the eggplants are still going strong. I would show you pictures but my camera is on the fritz.

According to some, the average first frost is October 5th which would make this an average year (the weather network is showing frost possible around the 9th of October), but it sure feels unusual as I throw on my sandals and summer dress. Perhaps it's not so much the lack of frost as the balmy weather that has me thinking, which means googling.

According to The Weather Network, a normal for this time of year is 16C. It was 25C yesterday. The record is 27C in 1950. Just be thankful it isn't 1975 when it was -1C.

Get out there and garden but remember the frost is on the pumpkin some time next week!


chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Enjoy the warmth

jodi said...

The weather is being mild here too. Our working theory is that because we have such crappy springs anymore, the climate compromises by giving us decent autumns. No frost on the hill in Scotts Bay yet, and I have hordes of tomatoes too--but ours are in an unheated greenhouse where they get more heat than they would outside in the wind. But you're right--frost could be just around the corner!

Anthony said...

Here in New Jersey, we've still got a few more days in the 80ies in our 10 day forecast. So I've got tomato and pepper plants that are still producing. Very odd, especially because the leaves changed colors and starting falling from the trees in August. Enjoy the heat!