Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hey what's with the long period between posts?

I admit it. I've been cheating. I have another blog. But I still love gardening. Really. It's just not very inspiring now under two feet of snow. And well, the other blog is so new and exciting and why don't I just introduce you:

Left School

Yes, it's a homeschool blog but not just any. No, it's secular and lefty and new! So if you have no interest whatsoever in checking out this other subject matter, fear not. I will be plant crazy before long.


Curtis said...

It is rather hard to garden under a blanket of snow.

Gardenista said...

Hey, I understand you there. My garden is being overrun by stranger's snowmobiles. Are you holding yourself back from the excitement of starting seeds way too early? Are your seed catalog pages getting dogeared? Oh, the anticipation.

Patrick - Bifurcated Carrots said...

My god you've been busy! I had a look at leftschool when we were exchanging emails about seeds, and it was blank. It looks great so far. Another blog to add to my RSS feeds!

Could you change the settings so non-google/blogger people can leave comments too...?