Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Overwintering peppers - another blog!

I love garden experimenters and here is one who grows peppers in a polytunnel year-round in France:

Mas du Diable

They have a beautiful blog, property and site! (Can I move there with you guys?)

My peppers

Currently, my peppers are fighting off a small infestation of aphids! I have been giving them weekly sprayings of mild soapy water and then washing them off but still the critters remain. They are concentrated on the weaker 'long cayenne' plant. Let us call that 'the fall guy'. The fatali is almost unaffected.

According to at least one site, I should let them drip dry with the soapy solution on them? I have been rinsing them off pretty quickly. I think I'll leave the soap on longer next time.

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Hello in there little peppers. The white stuff at the foreground is you guessed it, the smoothering white of winter. I mean snow.


More on Aphids on indoor Pepers at Urban Chiles


Curtis said...

I was going to overwinter some peppers as well but the first frost/freeze crept up on me.

Next year you will get a head start on everyone else, because your pepper plants are already mature.

Curtis said...

I see blogger got the url field fixed, thought I would test if it worked. Yep!

Have a good weekend and a Merry Christmas!

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Aphids should come off pretty easy with soapy water or regular water. Heck, sometimes I just run my fingers along the infected site and kill them bare handed.

Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Chigiy at Gardener’s Anonymous

Ottawa Gardener said...

Yup, kill 'em bare handed, and also have tried both water and soapy water. The infection is mild perhaps because of my regular attacks but it aggravates me because I don't want it to spread to other plants and because I've never had them inside before! Whine.