Monday, January 28, 2008

Dreaming of the Garden

Memories of sunny time.

So I woke up wondering if I had really gone to the nursery and bought all those seeds and then I realized that it was just a really vivid gardening dream. I have been reading incessantly about gardening again which surprises me as in October I had 'gardener's exhaustion' and was almost looking forward to the long white winter rest. Not so anymore, it pains me to see all these posts about snowdrops. Here are merely a few that I have stumbled across:

The Green Fingered Photographer
Heavy Petal

Perhaps I should start a meme cataloguing when we all get our first snowdrops (if we even get them). Then we could map us out: BC (Heavy Petal) - Jan... and so on. In Ottawa, I think it's sometime close to April...

On a positive note, my hubby found a whole bunch of garden pics that I hadn't uploaded. Even 'he' - who cringes when people bring up the subject of plants in my company - said "Isn't it amazing how colourful it is?" Here are a couple to remind me that the world can be more than Black, White and Brown.

Veggie Garden in full glory


Newly installed garden with a Yellow Rose


Mums in Fall




Helenium in the spiral garden


Basil Seed Bracts


Gifted Dahlia (plantcycle)


Bellflower - you've seen it before but I wanted to end on a cool note...


Isn't colour wonderful?

So if you read this send me your snowdrop pics, I'll make a file (sigh). I'm sure to be interested until the end of bulb season.


kate said...

Take comfort in knowing that you'll be posting snowdrop photographs before I will be.

Your photographs were a treat on this blustery, cold night - colour does something for us. The flowers seem even more magical now than they do in summer.

Maybe, too, we appreciate all our blooms even more because we have a longer spell of anticipating them.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Your photos are great, despite your post from last week extolling how others are better.

These are a great hit of color on a day like today. I just dug up photos of a potager kitchen garden I took last year in France, If you want more color to brighten your winter blues, stop on over.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Newly installed garden? That is a NEWLY INSTALLED GARDEN?! Come on, 'fess up... how do you get it to look like it's been growing there so happily and lushly for years when it's a newly installed garden?

Your photos are beautiful, and indeed do remind me of warmer times. And how much I love the purple-tinged foliage of eggplants.

Owin & Irena said...

your garden looks great. i've spent many an evening perusing last year's garden pics as a way of making winter a little easier to endure. it won't be long now.

sadly, no snowdrops in my garden. but it seems you're well on your way to finding lots of them.


jodi said...

The only snowdrops we have here, sadly, are of the wet, white, snowy kind...along with raindrops, ice drops, sleet drops...but I love seeing your photos of garden memories. We'll get through it all eventually.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Yes, all the more time to appreciate those blooms Kate... yup.

Blackswamp_girl: My secret is 'crowding' and 'camera angle' I'm always moving plants around when they outgrow their spaces. I'll have to post some others that look more newly installed.

Thanks for the snowpathy everyone.

Michelle said...

Oh dear, that not helping at all! And LOOK at those peppers.

Wahhh! I can't believe it's still January!

Gardenista said...

Oh wow! The lush veggies and the colors of all the flowers makes me jealous. It sounds like you're planting lots of veggies too. What a delicious summer you'll have.