Sunday, January 20, 2008

Garden Blogging and Photos

I've noticed that certain blog categories have more gorgeous photographs than others and garden bloggers really love their photos if they can take them. The sumptuous pictures of flowers and veggies, I think speak to the love of the sensual that many gardeners share - the sight, sound, smell, taste and touch of living world. My photos are mediocre compared to some of the art pieces I've encountered. Baby sprouts are as carefully lit as newborns, first blooms are bridal beautiful, and harvests are bright and proud. They are big in detail and intimate even at a distance.

Thanks garden bloggers!


jodi said...

I beg to differ! Your photos are just fine, and in fact they often inspire me, too. I think of photography as another type of gardening, and one I constantly work at to improve--especially if it helps inspire others to garden and write about their gardens and photograph their gardens. So you just carry right on doing what you're doing, and don't be afraid to ask for suggestions, feedback, and encouragement when something crops up that puzzles you.

Curtis said...

I also beg to differ. Your photos are great and put my garden to shame. I love to take mostly up close photos because my gardens aren't as good and big as others.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Thanks guys but really I just wanted to compliment other bloggers and their semi-unique tendency to show the love of nature through photography.

Curtis, I can't find your blog?

Ottawa Gardener said...

Oh wait, there you are Curtis. Where is my mind?

Anonymous said...

Heya, i've posted this on my blog, but thought i'd post it here too, incase you didn't look back, and i always like to help. Each bed is 1.2m by 2.4m and there are four, plus we use pots all around, and hanging baskets.

So bed size is 2.8 each, so 11.2m, give or take.

Hope that is useful? Is yours something similar?