Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fresh produce from the garden in Jan!!

Thanks to the builders in 1959 who put a cold room - cellar - under the front steps.

Parnip, celariac, golden rooted turnips and a sweet potato (georgia jet)

All of this produce came from my garden!! It was all kept downstairs in easy and cozy reach, and it made up the bulk of our dinner.

I have good intentions on storing my vegetables in sand or leaf mold but I didn't have either two immediably handy when I harvested the crops, so I packed them in shallow containers in dirt. Yup, ordinary garden dirt. This has been successful for me so far. I try to cover the vegebales parts that would normally be underground, completely, like the roots of the celariac and carrots, leaving the tops tilted up if I can. I do this to emulate normal overwintering conditions. To maintain humidity, I occasionally sprinkle water on the dirt, but I have also put bowls of water in the room.

Gardening 201:

Remember that different vegetables like different conditions but don't get carried away. If you only have one spot to store them, then store what would like it in that spot and don't fret too much if your other vegetables aren't perfect. Eat those that won't store well first. Those that are whizened etc... will probably taste great cooked. At least, they'll probably taste heaps better than what you could buy at the supermarket!


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Curtis said...

They look good! So no harm done.

Mary said...

The vegetables look so fresh. I remember Grandma storing her veggies in straw in the root cellar. We had fresh food all winter long. Thanks for sharing.

kate said...

It looks as if you have a good system going! Root cellars are great to have - I wish I did.

I am always amazed at your veggie growing ... I was just reading your last post. There are some root crops that I've never heard of!