Saturday, March 8, 2008

Going for the record accumlulated snowfall EVER

We are close - second place for most snow ever recorded in Ottawa, and here is the mountain of snow to prove it. The porch is about 7-8 feet tall.


Seriously, by MOUNTAIN, I mean scaleable with ropes and spikes and other gear.

Snow in November 2007:


Snow now in March 2008:


I'm screaming of a white Easter

With every snowstorm that I sight.

Will your days be merry and bright.

And may all your Easters -not- be white.


Whole darn family stuck in a snow tunnel.

This is Ottawa Gardener signing out from The -sledding- Hill in Ottawa


Carol said...

I will NEVER complain about our measly snowfalls again. THAT is a lot of snow. You have my sympathies.

White Easter, indeed!

Carol, May Deams Gardens

Amy said...

Wow...just WOW. My relative in Ottawa sent me photos, but yours show it so much better :)

gintoino said...

WOW!! That's kind of scary to see...(we don't have snow here)

Sally said...

OK - you win! I promise to stop bitching about the 3-4 feet of snow STILL in my back yard here in northern Iowa. I thought last spring was bad. But this one sucks 10 times worse!

Anthony said...

Wow, that is just a crazy amount of snow! Bring on the global warming.

Patrick said...

That is quite a load of snow!

Kenny Point said...

That's a crazy amount of snow but your mountain does looks beautiful. I guess you won't be growing anything outdoors in the garden for a long while.

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog through It took me a while to realize it was you! Looks like you have a great setup with veggies until March! I did sweet potatoes last year too and we still have some. They are amazing!

Oh, I'm starting a CSA this year (only 5 members) and maybe a small market. I started a blog myself. Check it out: