Friday, March 28, 2008

Yes there is still snow

It is melting at a glacially slow pace -snicker, snicker-. However, at the edge of one drift of snow, I noticed some snow-in-summer peeping out and looking possitively perky so perhaps a change is coming to Narnia.

If, however, I see lions prowling the streets then it will confirm my suspicions that all of this has been some sort of nightmare.

On a plus side, my tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, celariac, perennial onions, and leeks are all sprouting, along with some ornamentals:

Red Mammoth Rock Cabbage, Savoy, Celariac, Leeks - 2 kinds, sperling toga bunching onion


Nancy J. Bond said...

Snowing in Nova Scotia today, also. Your seedlings are coming along nicely!

Amy said...

Drat that White Witch :) I bet this is a winter your family will remember for a long, long time.