Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hot peppers are budding again

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It wasn't so long ago that I was worried about the demise of my overwintering hot peppers. Well, low and behold, much to my amazement (can I think of any more cliches?), I see buds. The long cayenne has been steadily producing flower buds which I have been plucking off. However, worried that this may be hurting rather than helping (what do I know), I stopped and the healthiest parts are producing thick buds again.

But the big news is that my Fatali - a.k.a. four leaf fatali - (as that is all it had all last season) has flower buds. They are small. The kind of thing that I wouldn't force my non gardening obsessed friends to find, but they are there!

1 comment:

Patrick said...

Personally I think you should leave the buds. Maybe you'll get some peppers!

I also don't think it will hurt anything to pinch them off. If peppers do start forming, you'll probably want to pinch off some of the buds so the plant will put it's energy into only a few peppers at a time.