Thursday, September 6, 2007

Season Finale, an ongoing post

I'm not sure what's more attractive:

The fall flower fave's

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or these gorgeous collards

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Curtis said...

Both, The flowers for looking and the Collards for eating. And they look good too. Good Growing!

Anthony said...

Hmmm, I'd have to lean towards the plants that you can eat but those flowers look great too. Tough one.

jodi said...

Definitely a tie, for me, because I also love the glaucous look of the collard leaves. Actually, you could use a couple of those in an arrangement and they'd look quite stunning. But I'm sure they're even more delicious than they are beautiful

Curtis said...

Hi again, I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links.

I already added you to my garden blogs link. Thanks

No Rain said...

They are both lovely.

Michelle said...

Both are absolutely beautiful! Well done! :)

chigiy said...

The colors of the coneflowers and the coreopsis together are beautiful.