Sunday, June 24, 2007

Creeping Thyme
green thumb sunday

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A great ground cover for full sun. I forgot about the lovely purple colour of the bloom when I planted my deep red and green garden beside it... I am trying to live with the clash.

"Ah creeping thyme. Not at all creepy. Eek, beside blood red dianthus."

"Ah how strange that deep red can be so soothing, not at all like the in your face maltese cross red. Oooo, not good with the cool purple of creeping thyme."

I am not planning on moving either garden so I am living with the disparity.

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gremlin said...

Sounds like my bright orangey red oriental poppy that clashes with everything else where it currently is. To move or not to move.

Melissa said...

Oh. That Creeping Thyme is beautiful in flower. Nature's bounty. Looks like it would be very attractive to bees.

Humpty Dumpty House said...

Ha! I hate when that happens.

I have this huge patch of yellow primrose I just discovered this month which is a pretty vibrant yellow...right beside these perennial pansies that are a deep, deep purple that I let the kids plant for their birth mother on mother's day. Huge clash.

The question is, how important is it for me to move it...right now?

reddhedd said...

I think purple and yellow, and red and yellow are nice combos...try planting some yellow flowers between the red and purple to bridge the gap, and make it look deliberate.