Sunday, June 10, 2007

Garden Still Under Construction
Camera Still Broken
But it is Green Thumb Sunday

Columbine and Rhubarb in the 'Spiral Potager' or as I like to call it 'The Ant Hill'

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(I am exhausted.)

Iris because it is the season for 'em

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(The 4.6 MT of rock for the pathes is only 1/4 distributed. I am not a big person but I have to be mighty... Gardening is good exercise.)

Speaking of little people. Here's m littlest making her way through the garlic forest in 'The Ant Hill'.

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Why do I call it the ant hill?

My spiral garden is lined with blasting stone from the new developments across the river (en la belle provence). Rock is warm, wet and cozy:

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A great place for an ant abode.

BTW: My husband thinks we should give the garden a more elegant or at least a less frightening name.

I will post pictures soon and you can help me.


The Anterium?

Formis plantas?


Regular 'researched' blogging will resume once the giant pile of rocks has vacated my driveway!

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RUTH said...

Oh I like the name Antropolis!...LOL Happy GTS

skeet said...

The ants just love my rock gardens and rock borders, too. I have to put repellents on my hands when I'm weeding some areas.

Hmmmm! Antawa, in honor of your region, perhaps?

Kate said...

What a little sweetie!

How about 'the ant's rest home' - sounds like a place for elderly ants. (I think I must be feeling old today!!)

chigiy said...

I like the Rhubarb/Columbine combo.
Your little girl is beautiful. A gardener in the making.
How about Antithesis? You come up with the reason why.