Thursday, May 17, 2007

Frost Watch 2007 - Day 3

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Apple Blossoms - pretty plant interlude

I woke up early, gingerly looked out the window and noted no white glaze on the rooftops... good. But it was clear and sunny which I was not expecting. With my heart in my throat, I went outside.

It's alive! It's alive!

In fact, they all are!

The low last night according to The Weather Network was only 4 C (with a dewpoint of 0). Much higher than the forecasted 2C.

Tonight, they are predicting 4C again but I suspect that might be subject to change, hopefully upwards.

As promised, another frost fact:

Dewpoint and frost.

The dewpoint is the temperature on a given night when water will condense out of the air forming dew. At this point, relative humdity is 100%. If this dewpoint is below 0C then frost instead of dew will be formed.

A high dewpoint means that temperatures will drop more slowly, and a frost is less likely. However, a clear night with low humidity and a low dewpoint means that temperatures are able to drop much more quickly. Frost becomes more likely.

The dewpoint tonight will be 4C according to farmzone, much toastier than the -2C that it is right now.


A good explanation for grows about dewpoint and frost.


Kati said...

very interesting facts as always on your blog; thanks for stopping by mine and commenting. I am in awe of gardeners like you who seem so organized and on top of things, whereas I am always hopelessly behind the schedule in my mind. that is all the more frustrating in our short growing seasons.

Anthony said...

So is that why people water their garden before a frost? Wow, you learn something new everyday.

Humpty Dumpty House said...

Looks like frost frost???