Sunday, May 27, 2007

Season show stoppers
Green Thumb Sunday

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Regular chives

If you want a glorious Ottawa garden in late May, these were the stars that stole the show in my neighbourhood gardens:

Nursery Regulars:

Ground Phlox
Columbine (non native)
Giant Alliums
Dwarf Iris

Native (what a month for them!)

Bleeding Heart
Solomon's Seal
Foam Flower
Columbine (native)
Tall Phlox
Bunch Berry
Ferns uncurling

Vegetables (based on my garden)
-- the greens have it --

Early Leaf Lettuce (the heading is just getting going for me)
Broccoli Rabe
Turnip greens
Beet thinnings

In the works:

Bearded Iris, who has been waiting impatiently in the wings, is just putting on her costume, so are oriental poppy, jacob's ladder, peony and dianthus (pinks). I even saw a flower on my rugosa.

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Giant Alliums

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Opal: Vegan Momma said...

Great pictures!
Mmm I love chives! The alliums are beautiful.

Melissa said...

Oh. Lovely photos. The green and the light make those chives look so special.

RUTH said...

A wonderful selection of plants in bloom.

Humpty Dumpty House said...

I'm so excited for my poppies to come up. Last year, they were nearly snuffed out in our back bed by phlox and delphinium. This was our first summer in this house and every day contained a garden surprise. I remember the first poppy struggling to reach up and bloom over everything else in that wild jungle.

The chives look lovely.

Sara said...

If I lived in Ottawa I would find this post very useful. I enjoyed reading your post.
Sara from farmingfriends in the UK

jodi said...

I have a friend who reports she cannot grow chives! I find that amazing, although I used to be very superstitious about them when I lived at home. Every time my father would plant them in his garden--we'd get transferred to another province. (He was a pilot).

Happily, that tradition hasn't continued with me, who plans to live in Scotts Bay until I'M under the chives..

garden gremlin said...

We've had a few baby greens salads, gotta love the first salad straight from the garden. My tall phlox aren't blooming yet and are actually looking kind of sickly near the base. They're in dire need of division.

chigiy said...

I love the chive photos. It's fun to find out what is in bloom in different parts of the world.