Saturday, May 19, 2007

Frost Watch 2007 - Day 5

Happy little plants this morning with a low of 3C.

Quick post today, but I won't leave without your promised frost fact.

How the weather forcasters use the following terms:

risk of frost 4C
patchy frost 2C
widespread frost 0C

Now you know.

Another freezing link


Tricia said...

Oh Dear ... looking at your other Frost posts it seems you've planted some tender plants like peppers a bit early. Our mild winter and nice spring got ya didn't it? I'm in Toronto and I haven't even planted my tomatoes or peppers yet! LOL And we's done with frost!

You're likely ok at this point even though the temps have still been dipping at night. Your plants might get a bit of damage but will hopefully recover.

Remember ... May 24 is usually the time to plant tender veggies in Ottawa (and even Toronto). :)

Here for Green Thumb!

Ottawa Gardener said...

Thanks Tricia. I normally plant (have for years), tender plants around the middle of May so I started transplants anticipating this but this year we have had a lot more frost than normal. Average last frost date here is May 6th. So though it is a gamble, it pays off more than 50% of the time and more than 75% of the time after May 14th. The traditional date for planting here is May 20th but even that will be a little early.

Anyhow, this is an experiment that may fail. Especially with frost predicted tonight.

Kate said...

We seem to have barely escaped the frost - although it is supposed to be around 2c on Tuesday.

Just wanted to say that your Trilliums are looking wonderful, but I wasn't able to post a comment under that post ... I thought it might be because I hadn't signed in, but now I am and still no comment feature... this is such a wonderful time of the year...