Friday, January 19, 2007

Exactly how many people are you feeding?

So you would like to know what's in my magic drawer 'o' seeds:

  1. Onion, Sturon, norstar H, red wing H, yellow sweet
  2. Pole Bean, Hunter, Cherokee Veil of Tears
  3. Broccoli, Windsor H, Early Dividend H
  4. Kohlrabi, Kongo H
  5. Kale, Red Russian, Semi Dwarf Westlandse
  6. Savoy Cabbage, Comparasa H
  7. Brussels Sprouts, Oliver H
  8. Pak Choy, Japanese White
  9. Greenlof Chicory, Rhodos
  10. Carrots, Nantes II, dragon, oxheart
  11. Celeriac, Giant Prague
  12. Eggplant, Millionaire, H
  13. Leek, Ramona
  14. Parsnip, Harris Model, Hollow Crown
  15. Hot pepper, jalapeno, caribean red
  16. Sweet Corn, Seneca Horizon
  17. Beets, Burpee's Golden, lutz greenleaf, seven top, detroit red
  18. Salsify, Mammoth Sandwich
  19. Radish, mixed
  20. Peas, early straight arrow, lincoln homestead
  21. Snow Peas, Oregon Sugar Pod
  22. Flowering Kale, Osaka Mixed
  23. Mache, corn salad
  24. Winter Squash, Waltham Butternut, pontimarron, sugar baby pumpkin (maybe)
  25. Bushbean, ours
  26. Nasturtium, jewel mix
  27. Florence Fennel
  28. Collards, vates
  29. Spinach, winter gian, bloomsdale long
  30. Lettuce, four seasons, oak leaf, green romaine, grand rapids loose leaf
  31. dill ?
  32. leaf fennel
  33. Chevril
  34. Borage
  35. Basil, ours, lemon, purple, sweet, thai, cinnamon
  36. Tomato, bradnywine, purple prince, ours
  37. Chinese Cabbage, michihli
  38. Mustard Greens, Mizuna
  39. Swiss Chard, rainbow, Fordhook gian
  40. Cabbage, golden acre, mammoth red rock, savoy Comparasa H
  41. Soy beans - given by an organic farmer at a protest against terminator gene
  42. Cranberry beans - super market
  43. Melon, cantalope, saved
  44. Watermelon, saved ?, golden midgit, citron
  45. Summer Squash, black beauty, white scallop
  46. Rabe
  47. Cucumber, lemon, improved long green
  48. Ground Cherry, Aunt Molly's
  49. Alyssum
  50. Mallow
  51. Linen Flax
  52. Columbine
  53. Yellow tall Snapdragon
  54. Silver Dollar
  55. Calendula
  56. Gladiosa Daisy
  57. Sunflowers
  58. Morning Glory - imperials
  59. Marigold - petite mixed

We'll see how many seeds I'll give away, or are past their prime though most of them are not more than 6 month to 2 years old.

By the way, the answer is 4 people.

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