Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm so ashamed!

Normally, I buy organic, heritage seeds and try and save my own when reasonable. But today was a fall off the wagon day.

I, OG, am addicted to gardening

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I'm glad this is a fuzzy picture, to mask some of my guilt.

You see, they were on sale! The 'Gardener's Choice' seeds are from last season and on for only 39 cents (Canadian!) and while I was by the seed rack, I might as well look at what the others had. It wouldn't hurt, would it? Was it my fault that 'Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry' was there. At least, I drew the line at 'Grape Cherry Tomatoes' for 5 dollars...


It's not like I have a drawer full already-

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-oh I do?

But I did need these varities (or similar ones) to complete my gardening plan for this year. Now, if only I can hold off until Seedy Saturday, then I will be able to buy the rest of my warm season veggies... dreaming of the 'on season'.

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