Saturday, January 20, 2007

Peppers in the North

I can do hot peppers - cayenne, banana. No problem. I have a jar full of them dried, but I have yet to be successful with sweet peppers. My one attempt of growing them in a container on my south facing concrete steps ended in three or four edible red mishapen peppers from stunted plants, and I am to embarrased to tell the tale of the eggplant disaster. This will not stop me!

Optimistic Gardener Warning

So I have done my research, and come up with a plan that involves:

  1. Growing seedlings in a heated tray
  2. Prewarming the soil in my raised bed with 6 mil plastic
  3. Surrounding the plantings with stone mulch
  4. Fertigating - supplying a slow drip of compost tea or the like directly to the plant
  5. Low tunnel during the worst of the season
  6. Digging them up to overwinter inside if possible.

Under this will thrive a crop of mini bell peppers, and some italian frying kind (to be purchased), as well as the elusive northern eggplant.

Right now they are just seeds.

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