Sunday, March 18, 2007

Update on overwintering peppers: the saga

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Long red cayenne fruiting indoors

The good news is that my two 'long red' cayenne are fruiting. I was hoping that they would wait until they were outside so they could get the full push power of the sun but I'm not complaining. (Thanks Patrick for suggesting that I leave the flowers on).

However, the four(teen) leaf fatali has dropped its buds! Otherwise, it looks fine... no new growth, nothing dying. I just hope that next March, I am not writing about my fourteeny fatali's ability to resemble a plastic plant. One of these years, I'll get to taste the citrus fire of fatali.

Note on fun and games with latin names:

According to Ashcroft in Seed to Seed Capsicum chinense (which Fatali belongs to) has been reclassified as belonging to the Capsicum frutescens. I have noticed a W I D E spread use of the original so am not sure of the level of acceptance of this new nomenclature. I will report on further findings!

Floridata discusses this on their capsicum page.

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Cayenne in flower
Fatali budding
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Fatali in flower and a whole load of other peppers in flower. Some have purple blossoms.
Fatali fruit. It's a habenero type.
hot pepper blog
You have got to check out the maturing hot pepper plant - wow!

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Ode to indoor gardening.

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