Monday, July 9, 2007

Bloggers for Positive Global Change

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Thanks to Fluffius Muppetus for nominating me as a 'bloggers for positive global change.' This is a meme to help raise awareness about blogging for a purpose, to attain a more sustainable world.

Below are my nominees.

Root Cause - a joint effort which includes Patrick from Bifucated Carrot, my absolute favourite political gardening blog. However, I just know that he's probably been tagged for this any number of times already so I'm going to tag one of his other works.

Heavy Petal - as you would expect, this blogger doesn't just love gardens, but she loves to participate in what I call 'garden action' including guerrilla gardening.

OttawaPlantCycle - a new blog featuring the tireless efforts of one woman to recycle plants and all things garden related. She also does this on a much grander scale with all manner of things.

Seeded - the quote alone on the top left deserves a mention. '... in the seed lies the life and the future' Veggie gardener extreme.

Veggie Gardening Tips and Ideas - Always full of information on organic vegetable gardening.

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Kenny said...

Thanks for the nomination!