Sunday, July 29, 2007

Even more links on The First Tomato - an ode

How can us gardeners not but give praise to one of the highlights of the growing calender. The great and glorious moment when we realize that no it is not a red candy wrapper that was tossed under the tomato plant (like last time), but a ripe tomato.

The singing of the heart, the opening of the salivary glands, the writing of the blog entry.

Here is a quick review of my hastily collected but still wonderfully fun posts about the First Ripe Tomato:

I love the look of this variety on Dreams and Bones

A beautiful post with a beautiful tomato at My Grandpa's Garden

My Dutch Garden has written about some of the many challenges we tomato growers face but don't worry she still has a handful of tomatoes in her belly!

Garden Desk beats the crowd by picking this beauty on June 15th.

My Roots Run Deep showing that even vegetable wary children cannot resist the temptation!

Short and sweet (oh so sweet) on Fluffius Muppetus

May Dream Gardens gives her first beautiful tomato the royal treatment.

Another early bird with a harvest on July 6th at View from the Mountain

For a tomato of a different colour try Growing Thumbs Gardens who is actually growing tomatoes in this post. ;)

I love the light in the Inadvertant Gardener's photo, very spiritual.

More on tomato gold at Gotta Garden.

An interesting picture. I love the small plastic pig beside the perfect cherry tomato at the reluctant remodeler

Little bit about heirlooms, and a lot of tomato love at Geek Buffet

You Grow Girl harvested July 2nd... did they say Canada Day? Canadians. I'm jealous

The all important question of what to do with the first tomato is discussed by Eat Air - A Vegan Food Log.

I like the picture of this cherry by Richie Design.

More on my harvest schedule on Po Moyemu - In My Opinion.

No photo but I love How Mary's Garden Grows describes the other method of handling the first tomato - eat it immediately.

Down on the Allotment has ripe tomatoes too!

Bifucated Carrot has orange/red tomatoes to eat.

A subdued post on Skippy's Vegetable Garden.

I keep forgetting to add mine.

Do you have a ripe tomato? Share it by dropping me a link. I'm happy to edit (hee hee hee).


Michelle said...

Wonderful! What a fun read! You can find mine here

Patrick said...

Great idea! I had no idea so many people were posting pictures of their tomatoes. Ashleigh posted a picture of hers here:

hw said...

What a fantastic collection of postings.

I've harvested my first cherry tomatoes this past week - christmas grape. It looks like some of the other kind of cherry tomatoes I'm growing are also about to ripen - sweetie.

But, I'm holding out for the first true "big" tomato. Have any of yours ripened yet? I've been looking out at the fruit on the vines for nearly a month now and nada, nothing, zilch. They don't seem to be ripening.

I'm really curious how other Ottawa gardeners are doing.

Owin & Irena said...

I smiled while reading your post and checking out everyone's first tomato tales. and guess what...I've got one too.

Here's to tomato lovers everytwhere.

Kylee said...

Yep! So far, we've only got 'Sungold' cherry tomatoes, but they're still tomatoes, right? ;-)

Link to picture of it:

Jenny said...

This is fun! Here's mine:

Silvia said...

Cool post! Thanks for linking to me.

Pearl said...

and there's