Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eggplant with Nose

Okay, those hybridizers have just gone too far!

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This is today's harvest of an asian type long eggplant (can't find the seed packet... grr). Anyhow, its a prolific thing. This was going to be the last year I grew eggplants but now I consider it the first successful of many, or so I hope.

I thank clear plastic mulch to warm the beds along with the variety that I picked because from my reseach it seems that long and smaller fruited eggplants are more adapted to cooler, shorter seasons than the bigger italian ones. However, I did this research in the depths of winter and will have to recreate it for you on another post. If anyone knows HARD FACTS about this or something that contradicts this, let me know.

Anyhow, today's harvest gave me pause. The little guy above not only had a nose but a perfectly parted hairdo. (I admit that I added the Mr. Potato Head eyes).


kate said...

Love the potato head eyes... those are delicious-looking eggplants. The plastic mulch is obviously doing the trick.

gremlin said...

Nice. Eggplants are one of the most attractive vegetables around, I think. I have several small ones on my two plants right now. I'm growing a Ukrainian heirloom variety called Diamond that is supposed to be suited to shorter growing seasons.

Adekun said...

I got one with a nose too. My wife called it something else. Over here there are many types of nasubi (aubergine). Mine seem to be on hiatus, but there is an autumn season too.