Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Reheading cabbage and short season sweet potato update

It's that time of year where I spend all my time gardening, and less time looking up gardening questions unless, of course, there is some problem...

So far, so good.

We have pests: cabbage moth, cucumber beetle, colarado potato beeltle (which only seems to be interested in my physalias - the primary reason I grow the invasive darlings). We have see-saw weather, but so far my veggie crises are minimal.

Re-heading cabbage

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Same savoy as in the above link.

Can you see them? Darling little heads growing at the leaf axils as promised! They should make nice tender additions to a soup, a stirfry, my sandwich...

Sweet Potato Mulch

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Short season sweeet potatoes starting to vine.

I keep hearing about how these things live by the same 'take-over-the-world-or-at-least-the-garden' moto as pumpkins so I am glad to see they are starting to live up to the promise.

Tender Fruit

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Long, oriental type eggplant.

Thanks to clear plastic mulch, this is the first year that I have had such an impressive crop of sweet peppers and eggplants. Okay, perhaps I should be more clear. I have grown eggplants for three years in a row. The previous two years I have gotten less than 4 egg-fruits. Really, I hesitate to call them eggplant fruit at all as they were pathetic examples. I do not blaim the plants themselves but their growing conditions.

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Mini-bells, italian frying and some other kind of pepper. They got knocked over as seedlings. It'll be a nearly blind taste test.

Thanks to Ken Allan's amazing book on growing short season sweet potatoes in the north called Sweet Potatoes in the Home Garden, I now have a new way to 'extend my climate zone.' Plastic mulch increases soil temperature which many plants, such as the aforementioned, appreciate.

Ken, you are one of my gardening idols.


kate said...

Those oriental eggplants are gorgeous. I hadn't heard of the plastic mulch idea ... especially if you can grow sweet potatoes. I can see the baby cabbages growing. Now that is cool.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

How cool! I love eggplants--even the plant itself is pretty, isn't it?

Andrea (Heavy Petal) said...

Good to know! Maybe that's why I've never been a successful eggplant grower.

carletongardener said...

WOw! Great eggplants - and really early.