Sunday, April 22, 2007

Early Spring Bulbs
Green Thumb Sunday

You aren't really going to show me a picture of crocuses are you?

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Crocuses with petals spread like hungry bird mouths in the bright sun.

But I've seen sooo many pictures already and I've moved on to Magnolia...

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Small crocuses in cheery trios.

... alium... oriental poppy....

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Crocus interplanted with garlic.

even tulips for crying out loud...

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Small grape hyacinth and that blue eyed grass like bulb.

Exactly, how far behind are you?

Show me something remotely interesting for green thumb sunday!

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Crafty Gardener said...

Sorry, nothing interesting in my garden for Green Thumb Sunday. I don't even have a crocus! Lots is growing but blooms aren't in sight yet. Soon, soon, soon ...

Christa said...

I don't ever get tired of seeing crocus. :-)

jodi said...

I never get tired of admiring others' photos of crocuses either.(see my blog post They're such happy little flowers--they remind me of birds too, cheaping "feed me! feed me!" Or better yet, "Spring's here! spring's here!"

We're something like three weeks behind in some things. The last of the snow left yesterday (temp. was in low seventies) and we finally had green frogs glunking in the pond last night. We should be hearing spring peepers by now, but no...though we heard them between Digby and Annapolis Royal the other night on a road trip. There's pollen being released from alder catkins, though, and the weeds, grass and perennials are slowly poking up and stretching and yawning and preparing to bolt.

We'll make it. Spring always does arrive.

Sara said...

I love these crocuses and only have a few in my garden but would love to have them popping up in my orchard every Spring.
Sara from farmingfriends in the UK