Sunday, April 8, 2007

The early spring veggie garden in Ottawa
Green Thumb Sunday

Even though we have had more than our fair share of snow dusting the ground each morning, the ground in my garden is workable. I thank both my sandy soil, and raised beds for that.

As promised, I am trying to make some observational signs for when to plant out certain crops.

Gardening Sign 1 - when crocuses bloom plant:

1. Parsnips
2. Peas
3. Radish
4. Turnips
5. Spinach and other cool season greens

In other words, anything that says 'direct seed as soon as ground can be worked'.

Peas please

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Peas with plastic squirrel wire on top, and small yellow and blue kid's trowel my daugher uses to 'help' me garden. No, I am not that lazy, the garden beds are intentionally covered in grass clippings and fall leaves.

In the spaceship grows greenery seedlings...

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Seedlings may include: lettuce, spinach, turnip tops, chicory, and mache. The white at the top left is not snow but 'winter blanket' that I use as my second wrap under the plastic of the hoophouse like structure.

... re-sprouting swiss chard

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Thought for sure this was frozen and dead but look!

There are snow pea sprouts in there too, sorry no picture as beautiful as they were.

Under cover, I've also planted some roots - turnips, carrots and beets, and some brassicas - kholrabi, bok choy and rabbini. It makes me hungry just writing it.


Basic info on sowing early crops
Vesey's Growing Instructions if you were wondering if you should sow whatever it is now.

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skeet said...

I've never lived anywhere that has true extremes of season, so it's fascinating to see what needs to be done and how the planting schedules get you in gear. Looks like you're off to a great start fro spring. Here for Green Thumb Sunday!