Monday, April 16, 2007

Seedlings are growing big
Update on Veggie Garden

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Peppers, ground cherries, tomatoes, celeriac, basil, collards and so on are outgrowing their paltry single light so I have been putting them outside on our south facing porch in a 'mini greenhouse' as they call those plastic covered shelves. I am sure if they could talk it would be through chattering teeth and be something like this, "What's going on?!?"

I would respond with tough mother love and say, "It's for your own good. You need sun and it's not below freezing."

Thankfully, our unseasonable cold spell will be lifting and we should be getting temperatures in the mid-teens by the end of the week.

Time to cover the sweet potato, pepper, and melon beds in clear plastic film to heat up the soil.


Growing Short Season Sweet Potatoes by Mother Earth News
More on plastic mulch


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Kate said...

I'm glad to hear that your weather will be improving soon. We seem to have hit summer - temperatures in the 20c range. Of course, it will probably snow next week. But not to think about that ... we'll enjoy the good weather.

I love seeing your seedlings!!