Sunday, April 29, 2007

Plant Re-cycling Event from plantcycle

I've been to plenty plant recycling events, organized through plantcycle, but this was my very first time as host. The rules are simple. Bring gardening related things, take gardening related things. No trading is necessary. Of course, unlike all the other ones that I have been to, it was raining! But what gardener lets a little rain keep them away from plants?

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Plants all lined up and ready to go.

Besides, don't plants like rain? Especially the nice misty rain we had that day, perfect for planting out perrenials.

They came. They brought plants, a very small sampling of which included:

1. spirea
2. iris
3. tomato
4. purple leafed bugleweed
5. oregeno
6. dahlia tubers
7. sweet cicely
8. daylily
9. hollyhock
10. coleus
11. And much, much more!

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Coleus and spider plant

They came. They brought seeds which I could not even give you a cursory list of because it would be so extensive but suffice it to say that it included everything from annuals to vegetables. I picked up alaskan nasturtium, fernleaf fennel, bunching onion and cilantro.

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Seeds ans snacks

They came. They brought pots, and plant markers made from cut up mini blinds.

I also learned that there were two other garden bloggers in attendance:

I wet my plants - great name.
--memory failure-- please email me if you read this so I can include you!

Best of all, none of us spent any money at a nursery.

If you live in the Ottawa Area and are interested, join us at plantcycle. We'll have another plant event before you know it.

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My littlest with a pot of dark leafed ajuga.


Interesting plant markers


Anijunga said...

Hi there,

I had a good time at the plant event - the hen and chicks and tansy plant have been potted up in my south-facing window. It was nice to meet other Ottawa gardeners and to see your garden. Thanks for all the hard work in putting it together!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Your littlest is so adorable--and what a fun event this sounds like! I am still giggling at your tulip picture, too... you have a good sense of humour, to post that when you could instead be cursing the darn bunnies. :)