Sunday, April 22, 2007

Frost burnt tomato
Green thumb sunday II

Didn't enjoy the crocuses in my last post?

Feeling like craning your neck at a disaster?

Check this out:

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Oh yes, it's a frost burnt tomato plant. (obviously it was only a little singed or it would be a gonner). I listened to the forcast that called for a mild night and left my babies in their mini greenhouse on the front porch. When I woke up in the morning, I was filled with cold dread as I noticed that my overwintered pepper was wilting. But I watered them last night, I thought. Oh no... frost. It has to be frost. No, wait, perhaps it was just that they were too cold and weren't able to take up water. Phew, at least the tomato plants look okay. I'll just try not to think about it until later on this afternoon. They'll perk up. They will. Won't they?

(several hours later I arrive back home)

It's a miracle! I'm sooo sorry I left you poor little dears in the cold. Never again. Oh wittle babies... you're okay. Wait, what's wrong with the tomato. Damn that frost! At least it's not dead... serves me right. Lesson learned.

Love your tomatoes and they'll love you, or at least give you some tomatoes.


Sun and wind can also cause similar discolouration and leaf drop in a syndrome I like to call 'BPP or bad plant parent.' Always harden off with caution.

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Crafty Gardener said...

Oh no, poor little tomato plant. Hope that it survives with your loving care and attention.

Gotta Garden said...

I did like the crocus pictures, btw! Who doesn't like crocus! Aren't they one of the rewards after getting through winter?...I think so! So cheery!

I put out some of my daylily seedlings rather ruthlessly...but, hey, they gotta be tough or what's the point. You're ahead of me with the tomato(es) and pepper(s)...I gotta get on those! I keep saying it like a broken record...maybe today!

Enjoyed reading and sharing your experiences!

I've added you and hope you'll do so also!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

LOL! BPP... that's definitely me!!! :) Glad they were just a little singed and aren't really goners.

skeet said...

While they yet live there is hope! Tomatoes can be pretty tough plants. Hope yours make it through.

Another BPP making late rounds or GTS.

Stu said...

You watch...that crafty little tomato will make you pay for that. They say elephants never forget but it's the tomatoes that never forgive...

Hope it pulls through for ya!

Ottawa Gardener said...

They are looking much better now so fingers crossed.

gremlin said...

My tomatoes also got a little singed from some overzealous hardening off, but I say whatever doesn't kill them makes them stronger (or at least I tell myself that). They're outside enjoying the rain right now.